Our Late Summer Sale 2017

This year our late Summer sale runs from Tuesday 29th August until close of business on Sunday 10th September.  There’s lots of bargains to be found in the shop (reductions vary from 30% to 50% of normal prices). Scroll down for more details.

Please note that the voucher in the local BID offer leaflet cannot be used to purchase items included in this sale. Full terms and conditions can be found on the voucher itself.

Let’s start with our biggest savings.  QueenieBrowne has reduced the prices of her discontinued ranges by 50%. These include her tartan lavender bunnies, tartan button badges and square wildlife brooches.

There’s 50% off QueenieBrowne lavender bunnies. How cute is that wee tail?

There’s 50% off QueenieBrowne square wildlife brooches. Large range to choose from.











Since early June, there’s been a stand with baskets outside the shop which still contain various half price mugs, coasters, mini decorative cushions and cards.  These offers end when the sale ends on September 10th.

The Grey Earl has reduced the price of his “Stars are Braw” baby vests by 40% in our sale.  These will no longer be available after September 10th.  Sizes vary from 3 – 24 months, but some sizes have sold out in the R2D2 version.

40% off The Grey Earl baby vests. Not all sizes available in this design.

40% off The Grey Earl baby vests. Neither design is available after September 10th.











There’s 30% off all Hannah Longmuir’s work in the sale: cards, sketchbooks, pads and notelet sets.

30% off all Hannah Longmuir list pads

30% off all Hannah Longmuir themed notelet sets. Other themes available.











There’s also 30% off all candles from The Melt Pool in the sale.  These candles are made locally using soy wax and essential oils.

30% off The Melt Pool jars

30% off The Melt Pool tinned candles











There’s 30% off all Jessica Stafford Cameron’s work in the sale: cards, prints and story book.

30% off cards from Jessica Stafford Cameron

30% off story books from Jessica Stafford Cameron










There’s 30% off all Keith Pirie’s work in our sale: cards, frames, mounted prints, mugs and coasters.

30% off across Keith Pirie’s entire “Wee Hug” range

30% off all Keith Pirie’s frames











There’s 30% off Aleksandra Designs’ button range of jewellery in our sale: necklaces, bracelets. earrings and brooches.

30% off button brooches from Aleksandra Designs

30% off button earrings from Aleksandra Designs – studs also available











There’s 30% off all fairy doors, frames and decorative hanging shapes from Little Angel Crafts in our sale.

30% off all Little Angel Crafts fairy doors.

30% off all decorative hangers from Little Angel Crafts. Large selection of shapes and designs available.












There’s 30% off all Baljaffray Handknits tea cosies in the sale.  Please note that tea pots are not included in this offer, so the 2 cup tea pot and cosy combo is priced £8.20 in the sale (usual price £10 – the tea pot component remains £4).

30% off tea cosies from Baljaffray Handknits

Mini teapot/cosy combo £8.20 in the sale









There’s 30% off mounted prints from TT Art in our sale.  Framed prints are not included in this offer.

Thistle print – 30% off


The Kelpies – 30% off










There’s 30% off our remaining two framed papercuts from Laura M Designs in our sale.

30% off swan papercut from Laura M Designs – perfect wedding present

There’s 30% off our 2 remaining silk bubble necklaces from Ladycrow.  These necklaces are handmade with decorated pewter sections separating the silk bubbles.

30% off Ladycrow silk bubble necklaces

There’s 30% off tweed cut out frames from Sew and Saw, featuring horses and highland cows.

30% off Sew and Saw frames

There are two different Sew and Saw coo frames available











All Cath Waters greetings cards are reduced from £2.75 to £2 in the sale.

Cath Waters cards £2

There’s 30% off Jilly Jilly mugs and prints in our sale.


30% off Jilly Jilly mugs

30% off Jilly Jilly prints











There’s 30% off Ian Mulholland’s prints in our sale. Ian’s work features Glasgow scenes from 1950s/60s. For some he’s used famous photos as source material, but mostly he uses photos he took himself in his youth.

30% off Ian Mulholland’s prints

Finally, but by no means least, we have 30% off Louise Scott’s prints, placemats, coasters and magnets.

30% off all Louise Scott’s work except cards


If you’ve made it to the end of this rather long blog post, you’ll know to look out for several of our contributing artists and crafters launching new Autumn ranges on Tuesday September 12th!



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