Skin-a-Licious was founded 5 years ago by Helen. It began as a project rather than as a company dedicated to making soaps. The project that began the whole thing was an attempt to find an all-natural treatment for the itching associated with eczema flare-ups, a condition which had afflicted her son since birth. Several months of research culminated in the production of her first soap, which proved to be incredibly effective in soothing her son’s itchy skin and treating his rash.
After handing out a few bars to friends and family members who remarked on the changes to her son’s skin, they all suggested that she should sell the soap on the internet. And that is just what she did.
Since then, her business has taken off and has expanded. They now offer our bath treats to the US and the UK. And just to think this all started off with her son, who is, by the way, a happy lad.
You can visit the Skin-a-licious website and Facebook page.  We currently sell a range of their thistle mini-soaps at £1.50 each.
Skin-a-licious scottie mini soap