Rachel Meehan


Rachel Meehan is a fine artist who trained at as a printmaker completing her postgraduate studies at Glasgow School of Art and is now based in the Scottish Borders. In 2017 Rachel launched a new collection of, prints, gift wrap and ceramic coasters, each featuring one of her exquisite floral or exotic bird illustrations.  A keen gardener Rachel draws on her own collection of plants to inspire her Bold Blooms collection.  Her work is distinctive, with vibrant colours and strong lines. She captures the essence of the plant, with each image taking many hours to complete.


Her exotic birds, are bright and colourful with each feather lovingly captured.  The wonders of colour in nature are always an inspiration.  Rachel is always creating and making so to find out more about her work you can find her at www.rachelmeehan.co.uk, Facebook  and  Instagram

Ruby Red Tulips