Moi-Designs and Illustrations

The Gathering

Moi-Designs and Illustrations was formed by artist Moira Buchanan. Her creative practice is developing art works using ink, watercolour and print to produce funky art works based on cat/dog with girl, and crows. The artist also creates unique brooches and abstract images made from wool using the traditional fibre technique of felting.

landscape brooch

Moira’s ink drawings of the dog and girl series are inspired from her experiences of dog sitting for friends, alongside, her desire for a canine friend – her wish is coming true! The cat series’ are based on fond memories of visitations from a neighbours mischievous cat, and the crows are influenced by the behavior of our flying friends. Overall, the artist conveys a sense of playfulness in her illustrations whilst her felt creations transform into vibrant abstract designs, or visionary landscapes.