Meowzers is taking a sabbatical from card making to concentrate on other projects from September 2015 until early 2016.  In the meantime, we are only stocking her inspirational postcards.

Meowzers dreams

Meowzers balloon

Kat MacNeill lives in Govan, along with her gorgeous silver tabby Kai (aka ‘The Diva’).  Kat’s beginnings in card-making came as a student living away in Strasbourg, when she obtained a very cheap set of paints as a free gift with her supermarket shopping!  Being short on cash, this simple set of resources became the foundation of her art philosophy – that nothing is too simple, inexpensive or unusual to inspire creativity.  It means that every card created by Kat has a story – where the ideas came from, where she found the trinkets or colours used and certainly how much mess was strewn across her desk in the process!
 Meowzers heeland coo
Making greetings cards and postcards is a creative outlet for Kat, who spends most of her days in an office environment.  More images of Kat’s cards can be found on her Facebook page.
Kat Caterpillar

Meowzers Nessie