Mary’s Magpie

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For the creator (Helenor) of Mary’s Magpie, family is important.  Her mum was called Mary, and together they loved everything shiny, beautiful, sparkling, unique.  They shopped and talked and shared, everything and anything.  But then her mother got cancer and everything lost its sparkle.
Mary's Magpie green pendant
As she lost her darling mum, Helenor decided to be the woman she taught her to be, strong, independent, following her dreams – just as she had.  The result was Mary’s Magpie.
Mary's Magpie necklace on bottle
It is a love of the unique, the sparkly, the different revisited.   Helenor has always loved to create.  Mary’s Magpie therefore features a collection of hand designed and hand crafted jewellery, each ‘one off’ creations, with their own name and character.  Utilising copper, aluminium and imagination, the pieces are each embedded with a little flair and a lot of love.
Mary's Magpie brooch
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