Laura Wilson Designs

Laura Wilson is a ceramic designer based in Glasgow.  She studied at Glasgow School of Art graduating in 2009 with a First Class Honours Degree in Design. Her main body of work was the result of research which included children in the design process, with the aim of making objects to encourage interaction and imaginative play. Porcelain provides the canvas for vibrant colours and offers a silky smooth feel, textured surfaces and a glazed surface, all of which adds to the playing experience. Laura’s favourite objects to make are buttons as they are tactile objects that evoke memories. Growing up she vividly remembers playing with her granny’s button jar.

Laura received a start up grant from the Scottish Arts Council, which assisted her as she continued designing and making. She has exhibited her ceramics across the UK and was Shortlisted for BDC New Designer of the Year 2009. Laura set up a workshop at home where she works collaboratively with other designers and companies, and continues to be excited by the challenge of designing for families and in particular children.


Twitter: @L_W_Designs

bunting cups