Keekin’ Coos

Keekin’ Coos was inspired by the gorgeous iconic Highland Cows of Scotland. These majestic beasts, with their beautiful fringes through which they “keek” (Scots word for peek), are part of Scotland’s beautiful landscape. The Coos visit some of Scotland’s famous sites and take selfies wherever they go. Inspired by Scottish words, there are a selection of Coos who express certain words to perfection.

The Coos began life as a way of using up some of the offcuts of wool from “Weaving Home’s” shawl and scarves. Rather than throw the offcuts of wool away, they are upcycled into fringes for the Coos. The first Coo to be painted was too big to fit the frames, so the picture was tweaked until the Coo looked as if it was peeping out the side, and so the “Keekin’ Coos” were born.

The Coos are entirely handmade here in Scotland using Scottish materials. Every Coo is lovingly hand painted and has its fringe attached by hand before being given a rather dashing haircut. Coos can be provided for all occasions and can be personalised if desired – just ask! If you have a landmark or location in mind, please get in touch as an obliging Coo can often be persuaded to take a wee selfie just for you! These have included a 25th Wedding Anniversary and a whole class present for a teacher with thirteen Coos!