Handmade Moments

Lisa started Handmade Moments a few years ago as a natural progression from making cards and gifts for family and friends.  She started doing craft and vintage fairs not long after this and loved doing them as she was able to get to see customers appreciating the lovely things that started off in her head!



She always carries a notebook with her as ideas come to her at the most inopportune moments, once Lisa has one idea then another couple usually stem from that one and she have been known to run back and forward to her craft space while making dinner!



Lisa loves sitting down to develop the ideas, they don’t always work out but when something does, she says it’s an amazing feeling, especially when someone either comments on it or buys it.



She believes in the handmade and all the love and quality that go into making a piece from scratch. Lisa believes in having beautiful things that are unique and a little different.


Lisa designs and makes all of her products using resources around her.  She uses vintage threads, some of which are older than her, passed down from various grandparents and aunts!  She upcycles books from local charity shops for her jewellery pieces.  She also uses vintage buttons and fabric she have accumulated over the years including Liberty fabric and Lisa buys her Harris Tweed directly from the weaver.  Other materials are sourced from mainly Scottish independent companies.



Lisa can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under @handmademoment5

You can visit her website.