Gatekeeper Art

Gatekeeper Art is the business name of artist Lil Brookes who lives and works in Renfrewshire. Lil worked for many years as a training officer in adult and vocational education as well as working in museums and libraries with a personal passion for all things heritage related. Gatekeeper Art is a new venture and Lil is the first to admit she is now on a second career and is also on a very steep learning curve!

A work in progress: “Paisley Flowers”

Much of the inspiration for Lil’s artworks is taken from the heritage of Paisley and Renfrewshire, particularly the thread, weaving and shawl making industries that the area is famous for. As such Gatekeeper Art products feature the famous Paisley pattern motif and are very decorative in nature. Gatekeeper Art produces a range of mounted prints, greeting cards and small framed ink Paisley’s and the product range is growing all the time!

Lil also welcomes commissions for her original canvases. For contact details and to see more please go to the Gatekeeper Art Facebook page.

Lil’s aim through her artworks is to put Renfrewshire’s heritage on the map and revolutionise how the Paisley pattern is seen for a new modern audience and consign the image of the pattern as synonymous with ties and pyjamas to the past! A phrase coined by the Victorian Prime Minister and novelist Benjamin Disraeli rings true for Lil and she hopes when you see her artwork you will agree with Mr Disraeli… “Keep your eye on Paisley!”