Aleksandra Diamante (AleksandraDESIGNS)

red heart pendant

Born in Rome, educated in England and Edinburgh-based for the past 16 years, Aleksandra Diamante loves to incorporate a sense of the unexpected in her jewellery designs. Never safe, there is always a playful element somewhere, but there is also a sound balanced feel to her work. Aleksandra uses a wide variety of materials though always returns to her love of incorporating wire. The challenge of the unusual medium of ceramics is her current favourite. The joy of making is of utmost importance to Aleksandra as she believes this feeling will be transferred to the wearer via the piece to enhance the experience of ownership.

We also stock a range of Aleksandra’s buttons and ceramics.

For more examples of Aleksandra’s work, take a look at her Facebook page.

AD thistle tree decorations

Thistle hanging ceramic hearts

Freshwater pearl peapod pendant

Freshwater pearl peapod pendant