Meet Our Neighbours 2 : Miss Lottie Lou

This week we are handing over our weekly blog to another of our neighbours.  Miss Lottie Lou’s door is directly across the upstairs landing from us and we hear the whirring of her sewing machine most of the day.  She makes some amazing clothes, but we’ll let her tell her story in her own words…


Here in De Courcy’s Aracde I create one off, made to measure items using vintage and recycled fabrics and vintage sewing patterns.  I have made everything from wedding dresses to everyday skirts for work and everything in between!  Every day is different and I have had the most amazing time, long may it continue!
Miss Lottie Lou started in April 2010 at Made in the Shade Springtime Jamboree.  It was a terrifying day for me as it was the first time I was putting myself and my creations out there in the big bad world.  Would people like me?  Would people like what I made?  Would I sell anything? Copious amounts of coffee later I had sold a few things and calmed down a bit.  The buzz of selling something that I had lovingly created with my two hands (and a sewing machine and overlocker) was addictive; I never wanted that feeling to stop!
After that success I took a stall at a few Granny Would be Proud fairs, plugged my Facebook page and took my first long distance order: a dress for a London journalist!  Things were snowballing and I was spending my lunch breaks at my receptionist day job cutting out orders.  I got wind that there was going to be a unit for let soon in De Courcy’s Arcade, home at the time to Made in the Shade who gave me my big break.  I went to view it and talked it over with my parents; I wanted it.  I wanted to open a shop.
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So I handed in my notice, got in touch with a couple of people I wanted to stock and planned an opening party.  5 months after making my Miss Lottie Lou debut I opened the doors to my very first shop aged 22.  Crazy right!  In the beginning I signed up for 4 months and that felt like a lifetime I was signing up for.  Time flew by and before I knew it I was signing up for another 6 months.  And then another 12.  Three years later and I’m still here!  I have moved from my original unit and opened up next door in a bigger and brighter unit where I have been for almost 18 months now.  The shop is constantly evolving and getting changed round.  If you’ve been in you might have noticed I love vintage furniture!
I have the most amazing customers, some of whom have been with me right from the start.  It’s thanks to them I get to wake up everyday and do what I enjoy!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s super hard and I work more hours than I ever thought possible (even sleeping in my shop at extremely busy times!) but right now I’m enjoying it too much to worry about how much sleep I’m getting.  I make people happy and that makes me happy! I’ve always maintained I’ll stop when it stops being fun but with all the characters I encounter in my shop I’m not sure that day will ever come!
Miss Lottie Lou
Made to Measure Clothing
Her opening hours are:
Tue – Sat: 11:00 – 17:00
Sun: 12:00 – 17:00

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