7 New Artists & Crafters For 2017

Every six months, in January and July, we have the pleasure of welcoming new contributing artists and crafters into our shop.  During the second half of last month, we took in work from seven new contributors.  They’ve been introduced already on our social media, but we thought it would be good to be able to say a little more about them here in a blog post.


Agnes MacLean Glass

large mosaic heart

Based in Cambuslang, Agnes specialises in cooper foil stained glass. Her beautiful work can now be found dotted all around our shop, with her colourful hearts proving to be popular in the run up to Valentines, but we have many other designs to choose from.


Some smaller pieces are less than £10, but we also have larger, more complex pieces – something to suit every budget.

Whatever the size, the beauty of the individual pieces of glass that Agnes has chosen will be evident when they are hung in a window and the sunlight streams through them, maybe even casting their colours across a room, depending on the angle of the sun.

Later in the Spring, we are hoping to stock some of her bird themed pieces.

You can read more about Agnes’ work on her own page on this website.


Badge Ink

daffodil badge

Jane started her Badge Ink business just over a year ago.  As an artist, illustrator and art tutor, it was something she had been thinking about for a long time.

pheasant magnet

Every one of Badge Ink’s designs is unique, hand drawn and handmade by Jane in her workshop in East Kilbride. When she’s happy with the finished drawings, the designs are copied and made into badges, mirrors and magnets.

We’re not stocking her mirrors at the moment,  but we have a basket of her small D-pin badges in the shop, plus a small range of her larger magnets on our magnet board.  There’s also a badge frame, which shows how versatile her badges can be – you don’t have to wear them to display Jane’s beautiful artwork!


Bubblegum Kitschville

hand drawn badge

Artist and crafter Misha has a wonderful and unique style, with lots of Glasgow humour in her work.

We are pleased to be stocking a selection of her prints in one of our browsers (many individually hand coloured – lots of mermaids).  We also have some of her card designs outside in our larger carousel.  Finally, she has her own shelf opposite our door, with a selection of hand drawn wooden badges and a small range of her other jewellery.  Much admired, but hard to describe, you’ll just have to come and see Misha’s work for yourself!


Gatekeeper Art

Lil is passionate about the heritage of Paisley and Renfrewshire.  Her art work is inspired by the colourful traditional Paisley print, but she’s given it a modern twist for the twenty first century.

“Paisley Organic”

We stock a range of Lil’s prints and cards, plus some mini frames.

You can read more about Lil’s work on her own page on this website.




Moi-Designs and Illustration

The Gathering

Glasgow-based Moira Buchanan uses a range of media (including watercolour, ink and felt) to create wonderful artworks.   Dotted around the shop, we have some framed originals and some framed prints in various sizes from two of her recent series: Crows and Girl with Dog.

Out and About

She also has her own shelf where there is a box of mounted mini-prints at very reasonable prices, plus a selection of her wonderful felt brooches.




Uptown Squirrel

Teal secret squirrel bag

Amanda started her Finnieston-based contemporary printed bag and accessory business just at the end of last year, but already her work has been much admired.

Limited edition “Some Bunny to Love” card

We currently stock three bag and two card designs, with the range of products set to increase over the coming months.

Amanda’s clever artwork often features hidden animals.  The bag shown here features squirrels (easy to see) and the card features bunnies (harder).  Amanda says, “Our eclectic prints tell the story of someone from a rural area who loves the city. We are inspired by colour, contradictions and creative license!”

Amanda supports ethical methods of profuction and all her bags are Fairtrade.


Veronica Sinclair Wright

Glasgow University

Veronica is a Glasgow-based artist, specialising in oil paintings of famous Glasgow buildings. Her work freatures colours which give the impression of sunrise/sunsets or floodlit buildings at night, giving a whole new impression of these famous landmarks.

We stock a small number of Veronica’s prints and cards and she has her own page on this website.

Card – 4 designs available

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  1. ann weir says:

    When is your next viewing for potential stock taking

    • Janet Turner says:

      Hello Ann. The application period for our January 2019 intake of new artists/crafters has now closed. Our next intake will be in July 2019 and you should contact us by email or Facebook message between 1st and 15th May to apply. Thanks.

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