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Hazel’s inspiration comes from a lifelong love of all things fabric, combining felted wool with yarn, wool slub (where the fibre has rolled back on itself forming a pod or ball, great for texture) or recycled fabrics and buttons. Wool has always been one of her favourite materials to wear, so it is not surprising that it should be so integral to the things she loves to make. A unique vintage button is often a starting point, requiring a little attention to create a framework which turns it into something really special.

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Her felting is self taught and the experience to her is one of painting with fleece. She loves the way the colours often flow together to create gentle collage of colour. The use of silk and other yarns adds texture and interest helping to create pieces that are simultaneously beautiful and light to wear.

Hazel’s brooches are needle-felted. She prefers to use vintage buttons where possible as she appreciates the colours, often more subtle than modern ones, and generally more interesting in design. There are no machine cut pieces, everything being cut or shaped ‘by eye’. This means that every piece is unique, even if the design is the same. There will always be some variation in the colour, pattern and shape. Her brooches get worn on jackets, woollens, hats and even in place of buttons.

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For colour inspiration, she looks out of her windows, seeing greens and browns, pinks and reds and blue, the colours changing with the seasons and the weather. Colours will always vary, and the shape will have an organic element to it. She has recently moved to Argyll, from The Cotswold’s, and is looking forward to being inspired by the differing colours of the water and the hills with the passing of the seasons.

She likes to wear things that are easy, not fussy, but hopefully a little bit fun, so that is what she tries to create.

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